I’m sure you have seen the  natural looking texture tiles  like stacked stone, marble, brick, etc. What is new though is textured wall tiles that appear manmade, geometrical, and/or with cool new stylish patterns that make you feel like they are straight out of a magazine.
So should you consider adding some textured wall tiles? Here are some pros and cons:

Textured Tile Pros

  • Eye-catching – Let’s be honest, what is more likely to stop you in your tracks?
  • Unique – Using textured wall tile can help you separate the look and feel of your space from the masses. This is especially useful in commercial spaces such as restaurants and hotels.
  • Looks amazing up or down lit – The textured surface combined with a properly placed wall washing light creates dramatic shadow effects on your wall that are guaranteed to Wow. 

Textured Tile Cons

  • Harder to clean – Adding texture to a wall adds ledges for dust and dirt to collect.
  • Could be a fad – Remember glass block in the 90s? There is always the chance textured wall tile could go out of style in similar fashion.
  • Can be difficult or expensive to install – Installing wall tile in general can be a tough task. Installing some of the more complicated textured products is often even more difficult if you are looking for perfection. I would recommend getting a professional installer if you want to ensure the job gets done right.