Luxury vinyl flooring is an outstanding option

There are extensive benefits that luxury vinyl flooring brings into your home. And each one of them adds so much to the house for looks and durability alike. Professional installation can last more than 20 years, for plenty of time to enjoy them.

These floors are perfect for every room, as the benefits cater to them all. And added benefits and features can make them even more impressive through the years. So, it's worth your time and effort to find out more about them as you begin to shop for flooring.

Stunning visuals you'll appreciate

LVP and LVT flooring can mimic natural stone, wood, and porcelain tile. This includes texture, color, and formats. As a result, it's easy to match an existing decor scheme with all that you'll find in the visual aspect of this product line.

Trends are essential for those who prefer to stay current and stylish. There are plenty of options that cater to what's hot in the designing world. And there's something for every interior design scheme, so browse for the best options.

When durability matters most

Vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring offer durability that caters to your requirements. If you have pets, you'll appreciate outstanding scratch and stain resistance. But you'll also enjoy complete waterproof protection.

The durability benefits combine to give you impressive service and a useful lifespan. And a professional installation is the best way to ensure all these advantages. But you'll want to choose benefits that cater to your specific requirements.

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What else should you know about luxury vinyl flooring?

These floors offer one of the quickest installations in flooring. If you choose floating luxury vinyl flooring, you could be walking on your new floors in less than a day. And they're easy to clean and maintain.

If you have specific needs, be sure to speak with a flooring specialist while you're here. With so many advantages, you're sure to find one that meets your need. And it's possible in every room.

Our mobile showroom serves you

De Oliveira Flooring and Remodeling is a great place to find the flooring you want and need. You can choose samples that cater to your needs best, and we'll bring luxury vinyl flooring right to your door. Our associates have the experience and dedication to create your dream flooring.

Our West Palm Beach, FL-based mobile showroom is a great way to experience our services. And you'll find the perfect LVP and LVT flooring while we're there. Stop by any time to speak with an associate about your need.