What can stone flooring do for your home?

Stone flooring offers bold features that can last more than 50 years. They're gorgeous and highly durable, even under harsh circumstances. And with extensive options to choose from, there's a perfect choice for every home.

Various stone types are available in this flooring line. And each one offers specific characteristics. That means they're easy to customize, even in areas with particular requirements.

Durability is a well-known feature

The best way to find the right match is to focus on your specific needs. Even if you've never experienced natural stone tiles, you might know how durable they are. The durability varies from stone to stone, with some lasting longer than others.

Let your stone flooring professional know if you need the best wear resistance. We will cater to specific needs like water and heat resistance or any concern you have for your floors. There are excellent options available, so browse to find them.

Unbeatable visual appeal

You can easily create stunning visual appeal when choosing a stone floor covering. Consider options like marble flooring for your most formal areas. You'll get the color, veining, and format that makes the look that will serve you for years.

Be sure to ask about other features that affect your visual as well. For example, installation layout, finishing, and other options can help create a stunning appeal. And you're sure to find the best ones for your home too.

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Understanding your stone floor installation

Stone installations can take time, as the pieces need specific care. For example, great precision caters to the fabrication and placement of your flooring. But it also takes time to set tiles and other features.

Your stone flooring is worth this extra time, especially when considering lifespan. But stone floors are easier to clean with professional installation. And we'll tell you more when you contact us at your convenience.

Consider our mobile showroom for your stone flooring needs

De Oliveira Flooring and Remodeling is a perfect place to find the flooring that fits your specific needs. Our associates will come alongside you to make sure that you find it. We care about your results as if the flooring was our own, and it shows in the service we provide.

When you need the best stone flooring, schedule our mobile showroom to visit your home any time. We are based out of West Palm Beach, FL and serve West Palm Beach, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Boynton Beach, FL, Wellington, FL, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL residents. When you're ready to remodel, we're here for you.